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by Elliot Clay on Lets Go Global
Happy Christmas 2017 From Perth

Happy Christmas 2017 to everyone on the Medical Migration team at Lets Go Global especially Alex and Jon who I feel went over and above what was required of Migration Services.

  • Our 189 Permanent Visas were granted in August of this year and as you know I'm writing this from Sunny Perth. We've settled in well, the twins are looking forward to starting their new school in January and I found an amazing job in Neonatal. I just know deep down in our hearts that we couldn't have achieved our dream without the care, attention and fantastic efforts put into our case by the whole team.

  • We felt totally reassured and supported every single step of the way and I know we were maybe a bit of a pain along the way and I apologize for that, I guess its just because everything got so stressful towards the end but I really do think it was the professionalism shown by Lets Go Global that resulted in our Australian Visas being granted and us being able to start our new lives in Australia.

    Hi Elliot, lovely to hear from you again now you're all in Perth and really enjoying things by the sound of it. I have passed on your very kind comments and thank you again for allowing us to become part of this amazing journey with you.

    by Susan Jones on Lets Go Global
    So Excited!

    We’re so excited we never thought it would come to this and so quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!! When we started we weren’t even sure if we even wanted to move to Aus but none of us is getting any younger and we didn’t want to lose out on the chance. Well, fast forward 12 months our house is on the market and as you know we’re all of us just waiting now for that final email from Immigration to say that our 190 visa for Western Australia has been approved then its champagne and good bye times because I’m waiting to start my new role that was offered a few months back. This is life changing! The most ambitious and exciting thing we’ve ever done oh, and yes before I go on and on thank you to EVERYONE at Let’s Go! Global especially the lovely Alex Jones who worked so hard on my paperwork. We’ve already decided to take you our for a glass of Australian white when we’re over! Thank you again!

    Thank you Susan, we're also really excited about this new chapter in your lives. Its been a real pleasure securing your Visas over the course of 2017 and we wish you all the best for next year and your Australian Emigration.
    Thank You
    Lets Go Global Reviews Team

    by Caroline S. on Lets Go Global
    Nursing in Australia

    A huge thank you to Alex please for getting our visas sorted for us. When we first started this process we tried to do it ourselves well DH really was the one who decided he was going to do the paperwork himself but putting me as the lead applicant. Needless to say after many wasted months and sleepless nights and the nightmare of sending the wrong paperwork to the wrong assessment body I found Lets Go Global online and chose to use them because they have a dedicated medical migration specialization.

  • From that point onwards the stress and worry left us all. Alex sent us the document request list through and we sent the documents away. Simple. We received the skills assessment back in about 8 weeks and then we got the actual invitation to apply from the Department of Immigration around 12 weeks after this. Then police checks and medicals and yet more paperwork it took about 11 months from start to finish.

  • We've got the house up for sale and we'll be in Brisbane hopefully at some point in the next year. We can't wait thank you again for all your help and assistance I would recommend you to anyone.

    Thank you Caroline for such full and detailed feedback on the timeframes. Emigrating to Australia as a Nurse can be a complicated process mainly because of the guidelines set down by the assessment body. Everyone is thrilled by the good news and we hope you'll send some pictures to us when you arrive in Australia to start your new life Down Under.

    by Peter Jones on Lets Go Global
    Amazing Service

    I really couldn't have asked for more. From the very first phone call with Alexander James I felt reassured and confident that our Australian dreams could become real by using Lets Go Global. I was a bit uncertain of my working background because of being a self employed welder my jobs and contracts have been varied over the years and some places I worked for are not around anymore to get references from.

    Alex worked with me through all of this and arranged for some affidavits to be done instead of references and I'm pleased to say that my trust in him was rewarded as our visas have just been granted. Thank you again Alex and all you did for us.

    Thank you Peter for taking the time out to leave such glowing feedback. I have passed your comments onto Alex and the rest of the team as I know they've enjoyed working with you and your beautiful family.

    We hope everything works out well for you in Perth and look forward to hearing from you soon. In the meantime if there's anything we can do please don't hesitate to ask.

    by Michael Warner on Lets Go Global
    You are very good at what you do

    Thank you so much for all your professional help so far. You are very good at what you do.

    After discussing with my wife, we have decided to take no further action this year as we feel we need build a savings pot before we go any further.

    When we are ready to seriously discuss the move. You will be the first person we contact.

    Thanks Michael for letting us know and for your awesome feedback.

    by Bjorn Janseen on Lets Go Global
    We are living the dream, Thank you

    If you're seeking expert and dependable guidance on your Australian Visa application I would highly recommend the whole team at Lets Go Global Australian Migration. I wasn't expecting a migration consultant to be so valuable or so in depth with everything that was going on. I initially thought they would be quite hands-off given all the things I've heard and read about immigration agents but as I say I was totally 100% shocked by the level of care and understanding shown towards me and my wife.
    We are living the dream, Thank you

    Hi Bjorn, it was lovely to hear from you and to read your words. We are delighted to have helped make your Australian Immigration dreams come true.

    by Sarah McVein on Lets Go Global
    We Are Going To Australia!

    Without the expert help and assistance of George at Lets Go Global I really don't think we would have been able to make our dream a reality. I decided to start the ball rolling about 18 months ago to move to australia and after a little research decided to use an agent. I came across Lets Go Global on facebook and looked up their reviews and they looked good with many recommendations online so i filled in my details on their site and was quickly contacted.

    After a couple of very helpful and informative telephone consultations i signed up with them and they started the application process. I was assigned Alex as my case worker and he has been great throughout the process taking care of everything as an when required and always prompt with email replys or telephone call backs if i rang and he was unavailable. Lets Go Global took care of everything every step of the way and approximately 18 months later i was granted a 189pr visa! A good friendly company and would recommend to anyone.

    by Antonia Cullen on Lets Go Global
    Not Happy

    I just don't understand why you wont take on my case. I have been told by a different agent that I have enough points and that they want to take me on but I liked the sound of you and that you have 24/7 access to case managers in case of emergencies. If you don't want my money I will go elsewhere.

    Dear Antonia,
    I have had a chance to look at this case from a third person perspective. In our opinion we regrettably don't think you have a viable case due to your overall points score when its mapped against your occupation code. We only take on cases where we are personally confident of a successful outcome and on this occasion we don't have that level of internal assurance. As you know, emigrating to Australia requires dedicated financial (as well as emotional) commitment and we simply don't want to waste time, effort and money on a case that's likely to result in a negative outcome.

    Thank you for your positivity around our service delivery and we are also disappointed that we couldn't assist further. Good luck for the future.

    by Janet Campbell on Lets Go Global
    Thank You George

    Need to say a massive thank you to George McDonald and the team. I know I couldn't have done this without you and I know I've been a bit of a pain over the past year to thank you again for being so patient and understanding with me. I have no problems in recommending Lets Go Global to absolutely anyone thinking of starting the process of emigrating to Australia. Good luck to anyone getting the ball rolling you won't regret it.

    We were absolutely thrilled to hear your feedback Jan and have of course passed it onto George immediately. Its been a real pleasure working with you.

    by Amanda Gray on Lets Go Global
    George was fantastic!

    George was fantastic!

    His knowledge and experience ment he was able to explain things in full and preempt next steps. He remained committed to getting a postive result until the very end and stayed in constant contact which helped keep me motivated and focused.

    If I could give him 10 stars I would! I'd definitely recommend Let's Go Global they are a great company that get the result you want quickly and efficiently!

    This Lets Go Global Review was originally posted to Trustpilot

    Dear Amanda,

    We are completely thrilled by your kind words. *Ten Stars* would certainly be something! Its always lovely to hear from clients especially when they're settled into their new life in Australia.

    Knowing that we've had a major part to play in such a life changing experience is what really does motivate us through the challenges of Australian Immigration.

    We are all so pleased things have worked out well with your Permanent Residency and wish you all the very best of luck for the future.

    Thank you from the entire team at Lets Go Global

    by Jon Jones on Lets Go Global
    Professional and trustworthy service

    Professional and exceptionally trustworthy service from start to finish. I went through an amazing and very informative explanation about the Australian Immigration rules, regulations and how we were going to tackle the project of my migration to Australia. I felt very reassured and confident from the moment I spoke with Alex Jones from Lets Go Global. I think one of the most important things to say here on this review is that you're treated and respected as an individual right from the start. When I first spoke with Alex he told me Lets Go Global only take on a certain number of potential cases they get presented with and at first I thought he must just say this to everyone but as time went on I became more and more impressed by the level of one to one personal service and attention I received.

    Dear Jon, thank you for your kind words and for taking the time out from packing to publish your Lets Go Global service review. We are thrilled that we were able to help with finding employment and wish you the very best of luck with your move. Do let us know if you need any help shipping Bertie the dog, he always looked super cute in the photos you sent us.
    Thank You
    Lets Go Global Review & Client Management Team

    by Benjamin Smith on Lets Go Global


    Lets Go Global got our visa work done, all we had to do is send our agent the documents needed and obviously go for the medical check at the end. One thing I will say is that if you are thinking of using the services of Lets Go Global for your Australian Visa you will be in very safe hands. What you think you know about the Australia Visa process now believe me you will only know a little bit of what is expected. lets Go Global are right when they say it can be a long and complicated process. I honestly think I would have given up if I didn't have the support of Alex James and George at Lets Go Global because together I think they pulled out all the stops.

    Very happy recommending them here.

    Thanks Ben, I know both Alex and George really enjoyed working with you. Obviously each and every case is unique and personal (i.e. some are more complex than others) and yours was certainly on the more complicated side. We got there in the end though and wish you all the best of luck in your new life.

    Thank you
    The Lets Go Global Review Team