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Australian Permanent Residency (“PR”) is the shining star of our Australian Immigration product suite. It represents the very pinnacle of legal advocacy combined with World Class levels of exceptional client care and service. We set high expectations of this product and for good reason; We make Australian dreams come true. Our passion and determination is driven by an unrelenting desire to deliver for our clients, their families and often their businesses.

What is Australian Permanent Residency?
Australian Permanent Residency is a subclass of Australian Visa that allows holders the following privileges:

1. Its as permanent as you choose to make it. You are free to come and go without restriction whilst on permanent residency status.
2. Permanent Residency isn’t tied to any employer. Lesser visas such as employer sponsored visas are always tied to an employer and should your employment end (for whatever reason) you only have 60 days to find another employer to sponsor you.
3. You are free to live and work anywhere in Australia from day one on a 189 visa PR visa. On a subclass 190 Australia visa you’ll be expected to live and work in a particular nominating state for a period of two years. After these two years you’re free to live and work anywhere in Australia just like the 189 visa.
4. Access to education without financial contribution.
5. Access to medicare for you and your family.
6. Full access to financial services as if you were an Australian Citizen.
7. Permanent Residency status can convert into Dual Citizenship and full Australian Citizenship after four years.

Am I eligible for Australian Permanent Residency?
You could be if you can satisfy the following 1,2,3, criteria
1. Be aged under 45
2. Have an occupation in demand
3. Score at least 60 points on the Australian Points Score System

Working your way around the Emigrate to Australia Points Score System should really be done in conjunction with a professional which is why Lets Go Global work on a free consultation basis.

These consultations are used to get to know you and your individual circumstances before we can confirm your eligibility for our Australian Permanent Residency Product. Then (and only then) will we offer to engage our services on a fixed fee basis.

Key Features of the Lets Go Global Permanent Residency Product
1. Fixed Fee
Your fixed fee depends on a number of criteria although as a guide our service fees are between £2100 and £2900 and are always quoted inclusive of all applicable taxes.
Lets Go Global offer manageable payment plans

2. 24/7 access to your case manager in times of emergency

3. Introduction to an appointed MARA agent within the first month

4. Weekly and monthly status reports

5. The reassurance of knowing that you’re in safe hands. Lets Go Global have a 100% success rate in most occupation codes and dedicated Permanent Residency Programs for teachers, skilled trades and those in the medical professions.

To Check whether you’re eligible for the Lets Go Global Permanent Residency Product click here

Our Lets Go Global Permanent Residency Reviews are collected from clients only after the conclusion of our Immigration services.

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Great Job

Great job, great service, GREAT RESULT!

  • What more can I say, simply amazing

    Thank you Charles, much appreciated and we were pleased to have been of assistance.

    What Dreams Are Made Of

    This time last year we were sat here dreaming and talking again about our move to Australia. We had been dreaming of this move for ages. Sometimes we would talk about it and plan it on paper and then forget about it after a while and then it would come back as a thought; Maybe we would watch a TV programme on life in Australia like ‘Wanted Down Under’, often we would hear from friends who live in Australia or maybe even have just had a truly bad day.Whatever the reason it was clear that after 10 years of marriage and building a life together in the UK we weren’t getting anywhere with our plans and life was just beginning to stagnate. We could see ourselves in 30 years with Grandchildren being born in the UK bitterly regretting not having seized the day and made the move to Australia.We had spent the past decade changing our occupations just so that we could emigrate. I am an A&E Nurse and the DH retrained to become an Electrician.One night we filled out an online assessment with Lets Go! and the rest is history. After a thoroughly impressive Consultation we decided to engage their services. They were not the cheapest but they are in my opinion worth every single penny and then some! They arranged everything for us and even seemed to magic away a couple of issue that cropped up. The whole thing was seamless from start to finish and I definitely rate this as one of my top client service experiences of all time.Moving to Australia is what dreams are made of and Lets Go! Global made those dreams come true.P.S. send me the details to do a video review and I’ll send one from the whole family!!!!

    Wow, thank you Laura for taking the time out to leave such glowing praise and feedback. I have already passed this on not only directly to your account managers but also to our dedicated Center of Excellence which uses these reviews to constantly improve our Permanent Residency Product.
    Thank yo again
    the Lets Go Global Reviews Team

    It took me a year to decide if moving to Australia to work as a nurse was right for me.

    When I finally decided it was, I did endless research to find a company that could get me there safely. And after months and months of research and doubt, I chose Lets Go! Global where I was able to utilise the knowledge and the patience of George McDonald.I have been fortunate enough to work alongside someone who listens to my endless concerns, day in, day out. Whenever I get concerns, worries or frustrated, I receive an email or phone call, usually within half an hour confirming all the reasons I chose to go to Australia and putting my mind at ease.It has been the longest, most expensive and most stressful 4 months of my life. And there are times when I feel like giving up is the only option. I thought I knew everything about migrating to Australia after months and months of research. But that did not even nearly prepare me for the roller coaster of emotions I was letting myself in for.I am ever grateful for the support I have received. And I could not have done it without the help and patience I have received”When I received the news and I read it on paper they’re quite possibly the most beautiful words I have ever seen written in my entire life!!!!!!I had a small cry. Thank you for everything. I literally can’t thank you enough. 

    Thank you Ellie, for your kinds words. It has been a tough road to get this far and receiving messages like this are the emails that really make our day. It is such an emotional process and well done on being so efficient in getting all your documents together for your Nursing Skills Assessment. We know it was a challenge and we are, like you, completely delighted with the result.

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