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About Lets Go Global Reviews

We recognize and understand the importance of real, trusted and verified third party reviews.

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What is a verified Lets Go Global Review?
A verified review is one which passes some form of verification before being posted. This verification is done on two levels. The first level about Lets Go Global Reviews verification is that we’ve partnered with Trustpilot, the Worlds most secure and trusted Online Review Platform. Trustpilot checks every review for authenticity and makes very clear the penalties for breaking their rules both as the company using the platform and for the individual reviewers themselves.

TrustPilot ask some form of further verification such as contract number or purchase order so others can rest assured that they only feature real service reviews from real people using real services.

What is it about Lets Go Global Reviews being verified that’s so important?
Without knowing about Lets Go Global reviews being verified it would be harder to check on the real opinions of genuine and verified past Australian Immigration clients.

About Lets Go Global Reviews Engine

The Lets Go Global Reviews engine aggregates all the verified reviews from around the web in one place, ‘warts and all’. We love receiving genuine feedback as it allows us to constantly improve our already excellent levels of bespoke client care and attention.

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